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Our original Plex® foam core formulation can be customized to a wide variety of applications from full footwear uppers, to bag padding or hypoallergenic medical gear. Combined with mesh, textile, films or leather, this product is highly versatile and adaptable.


Formulated for higher elongation and recovery, our Neoplex® range offers greater flexibility and stretch for higher compression and better movement. Neoplex® is ideally suited for footwear bootie applications, equipment braces and any application needing to achieve a closer fit.


This composite range was developed specifically for higher heat applications. Breathable and elastic, yet it can handle vulcanization-level heat without stiffening or significant shrinkage. AerPlex® is ideal for molding, no-sew, HF welding and higher temp manufacturing processes and will still have the same great hand feel, flexibility and stretch that it had prior to heat processing.